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Property Damage

Property damage happens. Whether its from weather, tenants, or a sudden break, its unavoidable. We provide free damage assessments throughout the country.

We assess the damages for viable insurance claims and next steps so our clients can get back to business as soon as possible.

Our Claim Experts

Licensed and bonded Public Adjusters who understand property damage and its repairs. We provide free Damage Assessments to help clients understand the nature of their damages and whether those damages merit an insurance claim to offset expenses and loss of income.

We help our clients determine whether their
property damages merit an insurance
claim by assessing:

Severity of the Damages

Policy coverage and limitations

Property Objectives

Impact on Expenses and ROI

Property damage means additional operating expenses and possibly reduced income. Quickly assessing those damages to figure out what to do next, and how to do it, is the key.

Benefits of our services


Maximize claim settlements


Workload Reduction of Team


Expert Claim Negotiation


National Services

Whether working on behalf of the Property Owner, the Lessee, or the Lender we can handle any type of property damage insurance claim.

We build long term relationships with our clients. Clients know they can count on us whenever anything happens to one of their properties.

Long-term relationships allow us to look at our clients’ bigger picture. We take into account where each property/business is in its business plan to see what makes sense for this situation.

We only get paid, if you get paid.

Our services are performance-based, only charging a commission on the money we get our clients.

in the states where applicable

We provide property damage assessments all over the country for all types of property damage:





Pipe Bursts






Equipment Failure

Fire Sprinkler breaks

Multifamily, Retail,

Investment properties such as miltifamily, retail and office need to earn rent to maintain their NOI, so having units down can be disastrous for our Clients and their Investors. We make sure that every decision keeps your bottom line in mind.

Hotels, Healthcare,

Hotels, Healthcare, Nursing facilities have complex revenue streams, so building damages can wreak havoc on the business side of this property class. Here, the revenue implications of rooms/beds being unavailable can expand exponentially. Tackling the complex business losses resulting from covered property damage is a key part of this claim category. Keeping both the building damages and the business side top of mind is paramount to making a claim successful.

Warehouse, Inventory

Warehouse and inventory claims involve elaborate systems of inventory management, import, transport, sales and everything in between. Understanding the inventory and the business paradigm is often the central focus of these classes of property so clients get the money they are entitled.

commercial property

We handle property damage insurance claims in all classes of commercial property


Retail Shopping


Nursing &
Healthcare Facilities


Warehouse &



Governmental Properties